мозговой штурм Modern financial astrologer obliged to combine 3 professions.

1) professional astrologer , from the 20 years experience desirable

2) traditional financial analyst , work experience of 10 years

3) of IT expert / information technology specialist /
Profile: Predictive (prognostic) analyst.

This type of intelligence is using data mining / data mining /, that is, knowledge discovery in databases
/ knowledge discovery in databases /. In game theory - a mathematical method of studying the optimal strategies in games.
It analyzes current and historical facts to produce predictions of future events.

Forecast models realize the patterns found in historical data and performed in order to identify risks and opportunities.
Model fixed communication among the many factors that make possible the assessment of the risks or potential associated
with a particular set of conditions , guiding the adoption of a possible deal-making.

(1) + (2) + (3) => Astro Forecasts of financial markets /month/
+ short reviews and digest comments /every week/.

The unique newsletter includes:

General profile forecasts: to all world indices => always free.

Individual profile predictions:
2) Oil => CL (WTI), Brent
3) Gold => GC

Required => option strategies, based on each predictive model
Possible => AAPL, FB, MU + other blue stock stocks of the US stock market

"Lite" (free) in the light version, not all predictions are included
"Full" (paid) in the full version, in sufficient detail

* Disclaimer:
Consultant S. Budnikov does not bear any responsibility for damages that may be incurred as a result of using his analytical studies.
Any forecasts /confidential and public/ are not a trading recommendation.